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The Ross family, along with a core group of saints from Holland, Grand Haven, Muskegon, and Grand Rapids, Michigan founded Grace Life Bible Church in October, 2007.

As the son of a Grace Minister, Pastor Bryan had the fortunate experience of being raised under Grace teaching.  Upon graduating from Bader High School in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin in 1996, Bryan began attending Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After twice changing his major, Bryan decided to pursue two Bachelor Degrees through a cooperative program between Grace Bible College and Cornerstone University.  This decision was motivated by two primary factors.  First, Bryan possessed a burning desire to teach and preach the message of Grace.  Second, as the son of a tent making Grace Preacher, Bryan possessed a firsthand knowledge of the financial struggle to make ends meet.  Consequently, the decision was made to pursue a career teaching history at the secondary level as well as a Religious Education degree.  In the end, Bryan was awarded a Bachelors of Religious Education Degree from Grace Bible College and a Bachelors of Arts in Secondary Education from Cornerstone University.


While in college, Bryan met and married his wonderful wife Rebekah.  Shortly after getting married, Bryan took a position filling the pulpit at West Side Grace Church in Muskegon, Michigan.  Upon completing his undergraduate studies, Bryan officially became the pastor of West Side Grace Church, a position he filled for five years.  In the meantime, Bryan and Becky moved to Cedar Springs, MI where Bryan took his first job teaching high school Social Studies at Creative Technologies Academy, where he taught until December, 2007.  During this time the Ross Family doubled in size, Andrew Michael was born in January, 2005 with his brother Daniel Paul following in December, 2007.

In 2006, in order to meet the continuing education requirement to maintain his teaching certification.  Bryan enrolled in graduate school at Norwich University in Vermont.  In June of 2008, Bryan was awarded his Masters Degree in Military History.  Currently, Bryan is utilizing his degree by teaching in the Social Studies Department at Greenville High School in Greenville, Michigan.

In addition to attending Grace Bible College, Bryan also enrolled in Grace School of the Bible with Pastor Richard Jordan.  This unique experience provided Pastor Ross with two different perspectives on Grace teaching.  Thus having attended both institutions, Bryan is able to speak from an informed position on divergent doctrinal matters, rather than resorting to the hearsay and conjecture that has all too often dominated doctrinal disagreements within the wider Grace movement.


2017 Southern California Grace Conference

2016 Summer Family Bible Conference

2016 GraceWay Bible Church Edgewater, FL

2016 Great Lakes Grace Bible Conference

2015 Grace Impact Summer Family Bible Conference

2015 West Michigan Grace Bible Conference

2015 Great Lakes Grace Bible Conference

2015 Soldiers Traing for Sevice Conference

2014 Soldiers Training For Service Conference

The Gospels Project

2013 Grace Impact Summer Family Bible Conference

2013 Great Lakes Grace Bible Conference

2013 Soldiers Training for Service Conference

Day of the Lord Project

2012 Grace Impact Family Bible Conference

 2012 Great Lakes Grace Bible Conference

2012 Soldiers Training for Service Conference

2011 Grace Impact Family Bible Conference

2011 Great Lakes Grace Bible Conference

2010 Teen Summer Camp

2009 Teen Winter Retreat

The following files are copies of my notes from the 2009 Teen Winter Retreat at Fort Faith Camp in Morley Michigan.  These notes, along with the Bibliography of Suggested Reading are being posted at the request of the teens themselves.  The Bibliography contains suggestions for further study of the topic of Apologetics. I hope they are a benefit to all.  Note: These were my personal notes and have not been extensively proof read for typos or grammatical mistakes.

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Published Works

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